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Invest in a green future with greenvest

The Crowdfunding platform for efficient, sustainable and profitable projects.

Greenvest is the first crowdfunding platform where you can invest in the energy efficiency of companies, social carriers, clubs and municipalities and participate in the savings achieved. We are also convincedthat the energy efficiency to implement the energy demand is even more important and that everyone should have the opportunity to be there.We also find sustainable energy production, ie renewable energies such as solar energy, wind energy , photovoltaics and superpower . With morevest, you can already enter into sustainable investments starting at 50 €.

Here, one can therefore invest in the future and participate in the success of the Energiewende with its financial investment. Investing in a green future and the energy revolution to make active, but does not mean to renounce high returns. At greenvest you can invest your money in an environmentally friendly and profitable way . If you are concerned about old-age provision, long-term asset building or building savings, you should also deal with the risks and be well informed about sustainable investment advisors on how to diversify.
If you have already done this and are now looking for an alternative form of investment , then you are exactly right at bettervest. Ensure the future of future generations through green investments in environmentally friendly projects . Help now, that scarce resources in the world be spared and at the same time minimize CO2 emissions .

Greenvest - sustainable, efficient, profitable

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